Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rise and shine, all you gold digging mothers...

Feels like an ideal title for a post offering a live Kings of Leon bootleg...

Kings of Leon @ Big Day Out
Sydney, Australia || January 26, 2006

FM source: sounds great but there are a couple of radio promos thrown inbetween songs that distract from the 'live' ambiance... still crisp though...

1. Triple J Intro
2. Molly's Chambers
3. Pistol of Fire
4. Wasted Time
5. Razz
6. Soft
7. The Bucket
8. Milk
9. Four Kicks
10. King of the Rodeo
11. California Waiting
12. Spiral Staircase
13. Slow Nights, So Long
14. Trani
15. Head to Toe (out of order)

Great to hear a nice live version of "Trani." This song is rather surprising, in that it's a showstopper. I would generally assume the band would go out with a hard rocker, but the band picked well to make this their set closer... a slow burner, that just completely takes off at the end. Another reason why Kings of Leon is one of the best bands around right now. I'm anxiously awaiting the new album. The new songs they played when I saw them at Summerfest were already really strong.

(I've switched to using to host these songs. It is an easier DL process than and offers the same link activity, etc. I think you can only DL one at a time, but that appears to be the only drawback. In general you should find it an improvement. As always, if you're not already supporting this band by buying their music, you should be ashamed.)

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