Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My God it's been so long, never dreamed you'd return...

Rollingstone.com has an extended interview with Eddie Vedder from this issue's Q&A feature. It's nice to hear Eddie speak candidly and at length. It almost feels strange to read, like Eddie Vedder? Relaying information? No way!

How much fun did you have getting onstage with the Kings of Leon?

It's a great record, and the song "Slow Night, So Long" -- I had disappeared onto some little island to write and surf and the only record I had besides the Pearl Jam stuff I was working on was that [Aha Shake Heartbreak]. I played it for some of the locals, who didn't know anything outside of their local traditional music, and they had such strong positive reactions to the record. It was a clean slate to bounce it off of. I was excited, and when they opened up for U2 -- I hadn't met them, but I wanted to tell them that story -- that their record transmits really well to unbiased ears. We started hanging out, and the second night we bashed some tambourines and it felt exciting.

In related news... an avacado? wtf?


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