Friday, February 17, 2006

Ben Harper from RTL2 Radio

For the record, Ben Harper is my musical hero. He was my first live show (back in '96) and he's become such a standard in my daily listening habits that it is odd for a day to go by without hearing at least one Ben song... especially with iTunes and my iPod where I have everything right at the tip of my fingers.

Ben's new album Both Sides of the Gun comes out on March 21. It's a 2x CD and from what I've heard so far, Ben's leaning heavily towards that 70's soul vibe and some rootsy acoustic stuff. And for the first time since FFYM he's got some politics behind his lyrics. From Ben's new bio:
Beyond a newfound confidence, he claims that working with the Blind Boys - and a subsequent session with the incomparable Funk Brothers for the Standing in the Shadows of Motown film - gave him the sense of immediacy and urgency that underscores Both Sides of the Gun.

So, March 21... I'm so there.

On Feb. 2, Ben played two new songs for RTL2 Radio in France. Here's the audio from that performance (he didn't break between songs, so they're both on the same track):

Ben Harper || Morning Yearning/Gather 'Round the Stone (live on RTL2)

The incomparable crew at is offering a pre-order of Both Sides, complete with a limited-edition bonus disc, so if you're interested you shouldn't miss out on that.

Bonus disc tracklist:
- Gold to Me (Live Acoustic)
- Get It Like You Like It (Live Acoustic)
- Gather 'Round the Stone (Live Acoustic)
- Beloved One (Live)
- Waiting For You (Alternate mix)
- Morning Yearning (Alternate mix)
- Reason to Mourn (Alternate mix)
- Gather 'Round the Stone (Charlie Musselwhite version)
- Dressed In Black (Live with Charlie Musselwhite)

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