Monday, February 27, 2006

More on The National

Filmmaker Vincent Moon added the three videos he shot live for The National aboard La Guinguette in Paris last December to YouTube. Visually, they are stunning, water-color-and-shadow portraits that find a fitting companionship with the music.

The black-and-white take on "Baby We'll Be Fine" is my favorite, I think... One of my favorites from Alligator, the song's lyrics are wonderfully evocative and emotionally bare. It's a powerful song about feelings of failure, need and regret. You know, happy stuff... 'cause baby, we'll be fine.

All night I lay on my pillow and pray / For my boss to stop me in the hallway / Lay my head on his shoulder and say / 'Son, I've been hearing good things...' /

Part 1: Abel
Part 3: About Today


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