Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wednesday links

A few links from this morning:

Live Online Tonight: Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah ( - I won't be there to hear it, but you should listen.

Gomez Show How They Operate ( - I know, I know, more Gomez... but I'm not going to apologize; I'm geared up for the new album and happy to see that it looks like they're getting a fair shot at it this time around.
"Their last two releases, for Virgin/Hut (EMI), got caught in what Gray calls 'major-label bullshit.' Weeks before the release of 2002's In Our Gun, an amped album full of Gomez's signature acoustic harmonies and electronic psychadelia, EMI downscaled the label. Their last album, 2004's more pop-focused Split the Difference, was released in the wake of Hut's shutdown."

Pete Doherty: 'Making Progress' Against Drugs ( - Enough already... how many times does he have to get arrested in the same day before they treat his problem seriously. Aside from what seems to be a weekly court appearance, are there any consequences for this guy? Let him do what he'll do, but stop wasting my time. On second thought, don't click this link, just know it is there. And ridiculous.

Raconteurs Unveil Debut LP Tracklist ( - Jack White has it in for the bloggers, though I imagine he was just having a tough day (maybe Karen accidentally put some reds in the wash with his whites). I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Why? Oh yeah, because he can do no wrong.

The Raconteurs || Steady, As She Goes

That's that friends. For the moment. Stay tuned this week for a review of the Railroad Earth show I'm seeing tonight and a special post from guest-author/savant M. Graham about Matisyahu in NYC...

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