Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Live: Bloc Party at the Congress

Friday, March 23, 2007
Chicago, IL

Set: Song for Clay (Disappear Here), Positive Tension, Hunting for Witches, Waiting for the 7.18, Banquet, This Modern Love, Sunday, The Prayer, Uniform, Little Thoughts, So Here We Are, Like Eating Glass. Encore: I Still Remember, She's Hearing Voices, SRXT, Helicopter. Encore 2: Pioneers.


uwmryan said...

I really thought about making the trip to Chicago for this one. How was Albert Hammond, Jr?

newbobby said...

Hammond was unfortunately a casualty of a sound system set up for another band. A lot of his songs came across really muddled which made it really difficult to discern much between different songs... I have a feeling that his material would have translated much better in a more intimate venue (Metro, Double Door), as I do enjoy what I've heard from his album.

Bloc Party was rather amazing. Between Kele's stage presence, the lights and a great set list, they couldn't have done much better. They made the Congress feel small (actually quite a feat). It was really quite amazing to take in all the fists punctuating the air as the lights spread over the crowd. That, above all else, is probably what I'll remember from this show... everyone there was just INTO IT from first note to last.

I was really impressed with Matt Tong's drumming, which just propels the live show in a way that wasn't previously as apparent to me on the albums.