Monday, April 30, 2007

Songs for living the high life...

I put this playlist/mix together for a friend, but feel free to poach as you see fit. YSI links will expire in a week, so act quickly...

01. Snow (Hey Oh) [Red Hot Chili Peppers]
02. Jacksonville [Sufjan Stevens]
03. Rock & Roll [The Velvet Underground]
04. Crazy [Ray Lamontagne]
05. Burning [The Whitest Boy Alive]
06. Sympathy For the Devil [The Rolling Stones]
07. You Only Live Once [The Strokes]
08. Acquiesce [Oasis]
09. The Seed 2.0 [The Roots]
10. Stuck Between Stations [The Hold Steady]
11. West Coast [Coconut Records]
12. Baby One More Time [Travis]
13. Riot Van [Arctic Monkeys]
14. Kick, Push [Lupe Fiasco]
15. 5-4 [Gorillaz]
16. Lucky Man [The Verve]
17. Holiday [Green Day]
18. Badfish/Boss DJ [Jack Johnson]


kimonchan said...

welcome to my blog

Anonymous said...

Hi. It's been a while... Did you start another blog? Or just get tired of keeping up with this one? I had enjoyed your writings, being that I'm way down in little 'ol Texas. Hope you know [they] are missed...

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