Monday, April 23, 2007

New Ben Harper studio album in August

Virgin Records' Upcoming Releases site has been updated to include a listing for a "new studio album" from Ben Harper, slated for an August 28 release.

According to's Gavin Connity, the new album is called Lifeline and will include 11 songs, including the title track (which has been performed live a handful of times over the last two years) and "In the Colors" which debuted April 5 during a live session on Triple J Radio.

More: [here]

UPDATE: A little digging (and I do mean a little) through the message boards turned up an mp3 of "In the Colors" from Triple J. As one of the board posters commented, it sounds like Ben's channeling his inner Van Morrison and the early results sound good. The last time I got to see Ben in concert, I remember taking away the impression that he's really starting to transform into a more soul, crooner mold which this track certainly backs up..

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